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Current Classes

Personal Finance (Text: Bajtelsmit 1e) (Fin302 - v3) (FIN302), Section 12813-12859-12985-13012

Taught by: Personal Finance Team

A self-paced, online-only, writing intensive, personal finance course.

FIN 302. Personal Finance (3)
Prerequisite: Completion of the lower division writing requirement.Now also open to business and economics majors. Examination of the concepts necessary for the rational allocation of personal resources. Emphasis is on the significant financial decisions facing each household during its life cycle. The role of financial institutions and governmental economic policy is evaluated in the context of their potential impact on personal financial planning. (Available for General Education, Lifelong Learning & Information Competency)
FAQ for the sections taught by Phillips & Beck are downloaded here (cut and paste one of these URLs into your browser): 



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Fin437BH: Portfolio Management (Portfolio Management Seminar), Section 12620-Phillips

Taught by: Michael Phillips

This is an honors section which actively manages a large portfolio and studies the theory and practice of portfolio management.  Participation is by application and invitation only.

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GBUS 502 Certificate Program (GBUS 502), Section 18247

Taught by: Michael Phillips

GBUS 502 – Seminar in Managerial Finance/Accounting (3 units)
Introduction to management accounting principles, financial concepts and ethics. Application of mathematical/statistical techniques for study of revenue/cost behavior patterns.

The textbook for this class is a "custom published" text. Ordering information will be provided in class.

However, be sure to download and review the syllabus.  Note that several class meetings will not physically meet but will provide opportunities to listen/view online lectures instead.

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